2010 American Baby Bests: 20 New-Mom Must-Haves

1. 1.jpg  OUR READERS' FAVORITE ITEM OVERALL: Boppy Pillow  ($35 and up; boppy.com)

2. 2.jpg  BEST BOTTLE: Dr. Brown's  ($6/bottle; Babies "R" Us)

3. 3.jpg  BEST HIGH CHAIR: Fisher-Price Space Saver ($55; fisher-price.com)

4. 4.jpg  BEST BREAST PUMP: Medela  ($280-$330; Babies "R" Us)

5. 5.jpg  BEST NIPPLE CREAM: Lansinoh ($10; Target)

6. 6.jpg  BEST GAS REMEDY: Mylicon  (about $13; drugstores)

7. 7.jpg  BEST PACIFIER: MAM  ($6/two; drugstores)

8. 8.jpg  BEST CAR SEAT: Graco SnugRide ($150; Babies "R" Us)

9. 9.jpg  BEST HUMIDIFIER: Vicks ($55; Kmart)

10. 10.jpg  BEST TEETHING REMEDY: Hyland's Teething Tablets  (about $7; drugstores)

11. 11.jpg  BEST DIAPER PAIL: Playtex Diaper Genie II ($25; Wal-Mart)

12. 12.jpg  BEST BATH PRODUCTS: Johnson's ($4-$8; johnsonsbaby.com)

13. 13.jpg  BEST DIAPER-RASH CREAM: Desitin ($4-$8; diapers.com)

14. 14.jpg  BEST LAUNDRY DETERGENT: Dreft (about $10; dreft.com)

15. 15.jpg  BEST DVDS: Baby Einstein ($16 each; babyeinstein.com)

16. 16.jpg  BEST STROLLER: Graco ($200; gracobaby.com)

17. 17.jpg  BEST SEAT: Bumbo ($43; Babies "R" Us)

18. 18.jpg  BEST BABY CARRIER: Moby Wrap ($40; mobywrap.com)

19. 19.jpg  BEST ACTIVITY CENTER: Baby Einstein Around the World Discovery Center ($80; babyeinstein.com)

20. 20.jpg  BEST SWING: Fisher-Price Cradle Swing ($120-$160; fisher-price.com)


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